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2009-08-20 17:45:13 by ironmaidenrocker


The "Inspiring" Album!

2009-08-12 20:53:53 by ironmaidenrocker

Got two other songs coming to the portal soon! There will be more added to the "album" asap if people enjoy this. Here sum links if you to lazy to click under the post. =D

Its Gonna Be Alright - MS

Dont Do It - MS

Its Gonna Be Alright V2 - MS

Enjoy em'

Three New Songs Coming to PORTAL!!

2009-08-08 23:44:24 by ironmaidenrocker

Took awhile... but made a few tunes that I hope you might enjoy. "Slave Bird" is at its first version, so a second one will be coming out sooon. So if you have any comments about how they are just comment below I guess.

1 is metal = "Slave Bird" (v1 ) - (released august 12th)
1 is techno = "Traveling My Universe" (released aug. 14th)
1 is latin = "My Final Trip South" - (released august 12th)

All the songs are completely different genres... because I like all kinds of music. And Im up to about every type. Out of all three tell me which you like. If you don't like any... oh well =o. Used all this on ACID Xpress.

Enjoys em'.



2009-08-01 21:50:48 by ironmaidenrocker

Whenever i get a microphone. I wanna record some music or something. And like put some drums into it, I don't think my first song is going to be EPIC.

My music of course is going to be rock, maybe some metal. I don't know what I am going to do about lyrics but I'll work something out. I can exactly shred yet, but give me time i guess... Well if your interested in helping out of giving advice that'd help. Peace, out. Dont ask about the pic...